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In the summer of 2014 I'd reached what felt was a crossroad in my life. I had recently graduated from Liberatus School of Performing Arts as a qualified dancer, after spending the 5 years prior to my time there undertaking diplomas and BA HONS in the same field.

After graduating, various performing arts roles presented themselves. Unfortunately all of them involved a lot of travelling and living away for long periods. For someone who loves having their family around them, this was always going to be a difficult decision. 


After much deliberation I opted to go in a different direction and put my energy into utilising my creative skills along with my passion for clothing and open a new boutique business a mile from where I grew up...…. Eeeeeekk!

Life is often about risk and reward and making that daunting decision was certainly something that I don't regret now. Fast forward from when I opened in the summer of 2015, I have built a loyal customer base that I am eternally grateful for and would have failed without.


It makes me extremely proud seeing the high street thriving with small successful businesses, such as my own, and I'm thrilled to be a part of 'Britain's Best High Street'.


In the Summer of 2020 I became a Mum to our beautiful son, Ted James Mander. 

In my wisdom (or madness as my husband Greg tells me), I also decided to begin preparatory work on opening a bridal boutique. It's something I have always dreamt of and when an opportunity presented itself, in the perfect location, I jumped at the chance. We are now all set to open our doors in 2021.


I have incredible support from my family and friends who have been with me on every step of this journey. I cannot wait to get started, meet you all and be part of your wedding experience!

Emily Kate and the team x

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